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                                                                      Marlborough Park Community Association
                                                                     6021 Madigan Drive N.E.

                                                                     FRIDAY Night Social/Open Mic

                                                                    April 14 , 2023 7 P.M. TO 10: P.M.


                                                                         Join us Friday, April 14, 2023 upstairs in the Big Park Lounge for our next Open Mic.  Last open mic the lounge was rocking even though the weather did not co-operate.  Entertainment starts at 7:00 p.m. and runs to 10 p.m.  We usually finish off the evening with a sing-along.

                Hosting the evening Pauline & Gord, who perform music from the Sixties and encourage you to sing along.


                                                                      Joining us at the mic are:-Peter, Jim and Jim, the Calgary Marlborough house band who have been entertaining audiences for several years.  Their music includes a bit of country, a bit of rock, and their own music. 

Dave & Theresa, from Coach Hill, a very talented duo bound to delight you with their harmony and some funky songs. 

Mark from Rundle an artist who sings and performs not only music from the Sixties but more recent too. 

Brent who was brave to come up to the mic and do a few country songs.  Hopefully he will come and join us again. 

We’re also working on a couple more artists to join us for Open Mic but there is always room for you if you are musically inclined and want to perform a couple of songs.  Otherwise, come out and have a drink in the Big Park Lounge, meet some great people, listen to some good music and join in from your table.    


                                                                                                           Any questions please contact

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