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Door-to-Door Scam


Furnace salespeople/Inspectors are going door to door within the residential communities asking to come inside and inspect the furnace, hot water heater or air vents, which if successful leads to the use of high pressure sales tatics. Most of the subjects have been very persistent and aggressive in their attempts to get into the residence. Reported to CPS have been the company names of ‘Simply Green’, ‘Prairie Home Services’, ‘Prime Home’ and then others stating that they work for the ‘the city’ or ‘the government’.


Other Scammers present themselves as CRA agents



Asking your Help to Save SCAN


SCAN (Safe Communities and Neighbourhoods) is a provincial program to condemn property that has been the scene of repeated crime.  Recently, SCAN condemned a house at 108 Malvern Crescent after three drug-overdose deaths.  Hopefully, a new family will move in soon.


The program is at risk of ending due to budget cuts.  Marlborough Park Blockwatch asks neighbours and supporters to contact the province to urge continuing this successful program.


Please click the link below to go the provincial website to leave your comment.  Scroll down the the "Alberta Connects" frame.  In field "2. Subject Area", select, "Safe Communties", to leave a comment.


Alberta Connects


Street Sweeping


Grants for neighbourhood projects

Other Suggestions?


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